The Violet Collection

"Losing Focus" - Rebecca X

"Losing Focus" Press [1/2]

"Losing Focus" Press [2/2]

The Cover Collection

"Birthday Girl" - Rebecca X - [Cover]

"Birthday Girl" Press [1/2]

"Birthday Girl" Press [2/2]

The Pink Collection

"Sick of Love Songs" - Rebecca X

"Sick of Love Songs" Press [1/2]

"Sick of Love Songs" Press [2/2]

Welcome to The World of Rebecca X. The world blending the euphoria of EDM with the accessibility of pop, and authenticity of indie. Rebecca X creates an innovative sonic landscape, with an edgy and resilient twist, holding the depths of relatable lyrics. With a feel for crafting irresistibly catchy melodies, paired with pulsating beats, Rebecca X defies genre boundaries, being the creator, writer, and voice of her soundscape.